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Bobby Wilkinson Discusses Automotive Management Techniques

Bobby Wilkinson, Ottawa based dealer principal and entrepreneur has mastered the art of automotive management strategies. With over 15 years of industry experience, Bobby Wilkinson has worked in all departments within auto firms. His background includes working in sales, leasing, finance, and departmental management. Throughout his tenure, Bobby Wilkinson has seen what works for managers and what techniques fall flat with staff.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Dealer Principal on Investing in CRM
No other industry requires a reliable CRM program like the automotive industry. Building and nurturing customer relationships will help your sales team improve their numbers. Management needs to know how to institute CRM best practices. One of these practices includes nominating key staff members to act as tech guides to train all others to use the CRM system effectively. These guides are available to answer all questions related to the CRM and handle new hires’ onboarding. Training should involve the capturing of quality data into the CRM system over the quantity of data. Inaccurate data is a time-waster and undermines marketing campaigns. Accuracy of client contact details should be checked at every stage from pre-sale to closing.

Bobby Wilkinson on Market Analysis
In 2020, there’s little doubt on how quickly the market changes, not from month to month, but from week to week. Inventory management involves using market analysis tools to determine what cars to keep for retail and what vehicles to unload at auction. Used and high-mileage cars that traditionally were tough sellers have seen an increase in demand. Market analysis also pinpoints why certain cars are not moving. Check competitor pricing often to see how your sticker prices compare.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Online Marketing Trends
Auto dealerships are considered one of the last industries to embrace the digital age truly. Managers need to find new and intuitive ways to market inventory online. Keep inventory updated and allow a good part of the buying process completed virtually. Another critical point is not to keep F&I products off websites. Highlight F&I products online and make it easy for shoppers to understand the advantages of each deal. Explore new opportunities for the dealership to take advantage of, like online ordering and new car delivery. As a bonus of incorporating virtual shopping experiences into your brand is lowered operating expenses.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa dealer principal, is responsible for ensuring dealerships maximize customer retention through targeted marketing campaigns. Wilkinson is responsible for the retention and training of new talent. His specialization is the changing landscape of subprime lending opportunities.


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