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Bobby Wilkinson, Ottawa Auto Dealer Principal, Credits Electric Car Sales for Canadian Auto Market Expansion

Since 2017, Ontario has produced more vehicles than any other region in North America. In fact, the province produces more than two million vehicles each year, explains Bobby Wilkinson, Ottawa auto dealer principal. This vehicle production accounts for more than 100,000 jobs in Canada. Wilkinson credits this steady production to increased consumer interest in electric cars. He predicts that the Ontario car market will continue to thrive with even higher production numbers, lower operating costs, and increased job openings. Says Wilkinson, “Car manufacturers and dealers have joined forces in Ontario to take advantage of new technologies to further its expansion efforts.” He cites as an example of the fact that GM Canada recently opened its Canadian Technical Centre in Markham, with a staff that includes 1,000 automotive technology technicians, charged with developing entertainment and auto-driving systems.

Electric car sales are on the increase in Canada and beyond. In 2019, electric cars accounted for around 20 percent of North American car sales. and this number is expected to increase throughout the rest of the decade, according to Wilkinson. He cites recent reports from the Canadian Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade that estimate electric car sales to steadily increase over the course of 2020s. In the first quarter of 2020, electric car sales in Canada grew by 50 percent. Wilkinson goes on to explain that the Province of Ontario is home to more than 200 companies with ongoing self-driving vehicle technology initiatives and that Ford opened a new Research and Engineering Centre in Ottawa.

About Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa auto dealer principal

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa auto dealer principal knows the Ontario and Canadian vehicle markets well. He was born and raised in Ontario, where he still lives with his wife and young son. In his more than 15 years of automotive sales experience, he has seen the Ontario auto industry evolve and grow steadily. He says he can’t help but be enthusiastic about the future of the Canadian auto market. Wilkinson currently is responsible for helping auto dealerships keep their existing customers by using targeted marketing campaigns. He also trains and helps motivate new dealership employees. He specializes in identifying and making the most of subprime lending opportunities. When he’s not working, Wilkinson enjoys auto racing and collecting vintage musical instruments and equipment.


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